Kiwi [10, 4, 0, 3.5]

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The Kiwi was RPM’s first driver and was previously known as the Raptor and the Taniwha.

As New Zealanders are known to most people as Kiwi’s we see this disc as a good overstable medium speed driver that will enable you to throw in any wind condition, a classic dependable workhorse.

Kiwi or Kiwi’s are flightless birds native to New Zealand but as you know there’s nothing flightless about disc golf discs.

The Kiwi is able to be thrown by anyone for distance in a headwind though we recommend Intermediate to experienced players use this disc. Beginners can enjoy this disc for its over stability or for hard forehand throwers who release on a lot of cut angle or Anhyzer.

Flight Numbers: 10, 4, 0, 3.5

Plastic Information: www.rpmdiscs.com/plastic-type/